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jeudi 13 juin 2019
Welcom Weeekend JugendaustauschWelcom Weeekend Jugendaustausch

International Youth Exchange is one of Rotary's premier service programs, open to members of Rotary members as well as nonmembers. With this program, Rotary wants to make a contribution to cultural exchange and thus to international understanding and peace. The clubs and districts are committed to promoting youth in their catchment area by participating in this program.
The objectives of the Rotary exchange programs are to get to know other life habits and foreign cultures, to deepen the knowledge of foreign languages, to broaden one's own field of vision and to develop the personality.
Rotary offers two different programs:
During the year exchange, the young person, aged 15-18, visits a local school in a foreign country and lives with 2-3 host families during this time. The local Rotary club finances and closely accompanies the exchange student. Thanks to the host families and classmates, the exchange student gets to know the country and its people very well. The annual exchange starts in August, registration deadline is October 31st of the previous year.
The international short-term exchange "family to family" during the summer holidays is a great opportunity to spend interesting and varied summer holidays, to get to know a new culture and to deepen the knowledge of foreign languages. The interested young person (15.5-18 years) spends 3 - 4 weeks with a host family abroad without visiting a school. During this time, he / she gets to know the country and its people, and makes excursions with the host family or members of the local Rotary club.
The counter-exchange takes place either before or after the stay in the host country. A pupil from the foreign host family also lives here for 3-4 weeks. The local Rotary Club helps with placement and mentoring, but does not assume any financial obligations.

Hanspeter Pfister, DG

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